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Free private script development

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Title says it all. You will be the only person who gets the jar file. Please write a description of what you want to do. If it's complicated or I don't have the reqs, please send a video to me. If it's too complicated, I might reject the offer. You'll get a GUI and some basic paint. 

Sample of work is here.

I will maintain scripts in case of minor changes or bugs, but there are no guarantees.

If you like what I make for you, I would appreciate it if you could pay at least 2m after service so you can give me that positive feedback. Paid orders will be prioritized over non-paid ones.

PM me a video of what you want to do, and I'll try to work on it. Things will go faster if I have the reqs for them, otherwise, you might have to continually keep in touch with me.

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6 hours ago, Supamen said:

Would you be interested in doing a Motherlode script?


5 hours ago, Coolst0rybr0 said:

blast furnace? :D

Gold/rune ore


5 hours ago, seanj123 said:

Hi would you be willing to do a rimmington prayer run with Phials unnoting?

please pm me with a video example of what you want to do, I don't have the reqs for any of these (starting a new main atm), and most of the time everyone wants things done slightly differently. Would be best to include multiple cycles of the activity you're doing. If it's not too complicated, a few minutes of legit play should be good.

I will be doing these for now + one that someone PM'd me with, no more requests for now. 



2 hours ago, ThatGamerBlue said:

just a note, you can't do feedback unless the trade involves $1/1m or more, no free stuff

Can you please link me where it says this? Might have to change to "private scripts for 1m each" lol.

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1 hour ago, dogetrix said:

Can you please link me where it says this? Might have to change to "private scripts for 1m each" lol.


It is allowed to receive feedback for a service, as long as the service was either paid or there was risk involved. An example for risk is doing a firecape service for someone, on an account that contains more than 1M 07 GP.  -snip- Feedback for free product will not be allowed. 

also on that note...


Private scripts - We at OSBot will no longer deal with disputes regarding private scripts, unless the script writer is a Scripter 1/2/3. If you order a private script from a random user with no scripter rank on our forums and it doesn't work or isn't getting the support it needs, at the end of the day that is your fault for picking someone who is not qualified. The staff will instantly close with no punishment on either side with no script writer rank involved. 


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