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Interesting ban today

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A few days ago I was fortunate and got a 3-day ban. I was surprised because I've never had a temp ban before. I still had like 10m of stuff on the account and waited 6 days to mule it over. 

When I muled it over I logged out right after and then logged back in ~10 mins later to start botting cause I want to see how far I can bot after being temp banned.

After botting for ~15 minutes I turned the script off and was thinking of ways to make the bot last as long as possible and I was thinking of only botting during hours when I'm awake and at the PC. After 30 minutes I quickly change my mind and go back to seeing how far I can last before getting perm banned.


After muling the gold over and botting for 15 mins I got perm'd. The ban says macro major so I guess my script is that bad you get banned after 15 mins :gnome:

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