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This guy impersonated Anomaly.

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Disputed member: [member=] https://osbot.org/forum/profile/274691-hichampatron/

Thread Link:  


Explanation: This guy offered me 0.75/m for 56m. I then added him on discord and he attempted to do the MM scam. He pretended to be "Anomaly".

Evidence: Here comes a lot of screenshots!

1.) Proof that this is the correct discord according to the person.3d93f20342288f53044d412034561a96.png

2.) This was our conversation


3.) Him impersonating Anomaly.


@Anomaly I also pmed Anomaly.

This was linked to me, obviously pretending to be Anomaly.

Why should he get banned? Impersonating anyone is against the rules plus it's a scam attempt.

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