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F2P Tree Burner

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Hi and welcome!

F2P Tree Burner is a free script that trains your woodcutting and firemaking, by chopping trees and burning logs repeatedly.
Good for.. ironmen maybe?

  • Requirements:
    • Have a tinderbox in inventory
    • Have an axe equipped or in inventory
  • Start the script in the area where you want cut the specified tree
  • Supports only F2P trees/logs
  • NOTE:
    • Not restricted to an area
      • So there is a small chance it might wander off from the area you started in, if you clear trees fast and there are a lot of the exact tree in the surrounding area, for example normal Trees
    • If you have low combat, you might want to hide your NPC attack so your bot won't die when it accidentally clicks and fights a NPC




From a fresh account.. see the empty inventory? One of the goblins decided to stand in front of a tree and so-and-so happened..



Proggie from another fresh account left overnight..




Download link


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10 hours ago, luck or skill said:

just started nxt to some trees and it just stands there?

any idea why @unknownsin

Possible issue:
- Did not select a tree in the GUI
- Started in a location that doesn't have the tree that you selected in the GUI
- Did not have an axe in your inventory or equipped

If it's not any of the above possibility, then I have no idea.

If you can replicate the issue, could you show me the log?

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