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[Mirror Mode v2.62.171] RuntimeException on Startup

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Version: OSBot 2.5.10 (Mirror Mode v2.62.171)


Description of bug: When ran in debug mode, you can see that the bot is throwing a RuntimeException upon startup after Initializing mirror client bot and creating temp copy of files.

[INFO][06/22 08:28:40 AM]: Updated injection hooks for client revision : 171!
[DEBUG][Bot #1][06/22 08:28:40 AM]: Initializing mirror client bot...
Created temp copy of nattach_64.dylib as /var/folders/8_/zwh6yj595wxg19g2c8d33rk80000gn/T/qwe5400029489176375908.dylib
Created temp copy of stream_64.dylib as /var/folders/8_/zwh6yj595wxg19g2c8d33rk80000gn/T/qee4657615205071717190.dylib
Created temp copy of stream_32.dylib as /var/folders/8_/zwh6yj595wxg19g2c8d33rk80000gn/T/wew5346800458755806705.dylib
Created temp copy of stream_64.dylib as /var/folders/8_/zwh6yj595wxg19g2c8d33rk80000gn/T/eqwe2429431290953078163.dylib
java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not find field in the class
	at client.nat.stream.Stream.m11(Native Method)
	at client.MJS.xrw(Unknown Source)
	at client.MJS.fzyk(Unknown Source)
	at client.emu.WTV.run(Unknown Source)


Operating System: 


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