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How long time?

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13 hours ago, goonrunner said:

honestly ive never had this problem before, so idk but id suggest a week or two.

I had this problem like 8 months ago, and in these time i saw on a forum (that i dont remember what was) that for example if one of proxies are of  Ukraine and the other ones of E.U u have to the estimate the that it would take you to travel from one side to the other xd but idk if this theory its right...


12 hours ago, guywithlsd said:

sensei told me once - son, if you got locked out because you moved? accounts from home ip to proxy you must wait at least about somewhere around about 7 days and 77 minutes


This actually happened to me but with an unimportant account by an a dumb mistake...



10 hours ago, Prolax said:

It's 6 days 6 minutes and 6 seconds. 

tyler the creator devil GIF

Once again, the account that happened to me, it did not matter so :nottodaysatan.




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