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[30-150k/h F2P, No Reqs] Thread Buyer in Rimmington

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What's Script does?

Buy thread's in dommik shop.

-  This scripts is lucky deppendent, if you get low competition make more profit.



Setup Need:


Just Need to change position of world's, like to this image.

And Money to run script: 2 gp ea per thread, maybe 25k in hour, if you made max profit.

10 gold coins is minimun to run script.


The script still run with world warning message, but to incress speed choose second option "yes. In future..."







Lost all my progg pictures, someone can post?




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2 hours ago, mazr said:


When this script select a pop world message from game appear that is dangerous world you know that and there is too option yes or no to go this world the script ignore all this and remain in the world I mean not go to this pop world by this script is useless lol 


I dont noticed that world is pvp, i removed world 371 from the list.

try now

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