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Quote Main quest lists + optional skill levels

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I am looking for quotes with All of the listed quests and skills or a quote without DS2.

I would like to prioritize RFD and MM2 over everything else extra.

Legends quest
Heroes Quest
Lunars Diplomacy
Eadgars Ruse
A tail of two cats
Ghost ahoy
Client of Kourend
Bone Voyage
200 QP
Monkey Maddness 2
Sheep Herder
Mournings End 1
Mournings End 2
RFD Lumbridge Guide
RFD Evil Dave
RFD Sir Amik Varze
RFD Skrach Bone Cruncher Uglogwee
Finish RFD
Garden of Tranquility
Swan song
Mage arena 1 & 2

For DS2
70 Smithing 65/70
68 Mining 54/68
60 Thieving 55/60

60 mining for Lunar 54/60

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54m for quests (Won't go into all of them because of the list, but MM2, both Mournings ends, and dragon slayer 2 are the expensive ones that bring this price up)
23m for skills, 20gp/xp Smithing, 30gp/xp Mining, and 37gp/xp Thieving

5 day rush fee - 20m (refunded if I don't finish in 5 days)

Total 97m All done by hand by me, without the use of bots.

Looking to get my name out there! I'm new to this "Black market" side of rs. I run an online business, so I have lots of time I can spend a day on RS.

P.S. without mage arena 1 or 2, and without eyes of glouphrie

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