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PC on MAIN 3 99s 118CB DS2/MM2 Completed

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Base 55 all stats lowest one is RC. 1750+ Total Level.

NO Bans or mutes 

this account is perfect for PVMing & raids. (has Rigour/Augury) , Elite void , B gloves, Fire cape, Dragon defender,Imbued sara cape,Salve ammy (ei), Slayer helm, & Ava's Assembler 

Combat stats:


97range/94mage/80 Pray 

Notable skills: 83 con (house has fairy ring/ornate box/ornate pool) 

78 herblore (raids) 

99 Thieving (i have the rouges outift) 

this account currently has 182 days left of membership on it as of (6/6/2018) 

give me offers guys thanks! 



current Bank All those rings are imbued.




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8 minutes ago, FapBoy said:

@Unversable oh ok cool & yeah this account has no bans or mutes its completely clean. 

he means the reputation of the seller. as a seller you can ALWAYS reclaim an account, even if the buyer has set up a different password/email/whatever, as long as you have the right IP and information. people will most likely not want to buy such an expensive account as you haven't got much reputation here and they would fear that the account will be reclaimed within a day/week/month/year (there isn't a limit on when you could reclaim it).

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9 minutes ago, FapBoy said:

@myOSBaccount thanks for the information bro i didnt know this lol i appreciate it :D 

no problem. now notwithstanding all of what i said, that is not to say that you can't try to sell it here eventually (i think there's a minimum 100 posts requirement for selling accounts here). just know that you will most likely not get the offers that you actually deserve for it.

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