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  1. Me too! Thank you for the offer.
  2. I'm looking for an account with 1 of the following pets - little nightmare corporeal critter pet zilyana noon/midnight herbi let me know what you've got I can't buy any endgame accounts so med levels or low kc pets only please.
  3. I have been using a "cheat client" even after my 2 day ban with no issues for a long time now. As long as you're not running illegal plugins and stuff I don't think it matters what client you use and you definitely won't get banned for using RuneLite.
  4. Thank you both both for the quotes. I'm gonna see a few more offers and decide.
  5. sorry i had the wrong quest line! What about these mourning's end 1 mourning's end 2 song of the elves
  6. Could you guys let me know your prices for (prefer paying with paypal) mourning's end 1 mourning's end 2 song of the elves
  7. I've seen some people selling them on Nulled but I'm sure you get banned eventually. Seasons 3-5 were quite fun for going ham with scripts and getting away with it sometimes.
  8. anyone know of another market for rs accounts? The one here is pretty dead and this has been the only osrs blackmarket I've used. PM some legit markets please.
  9. So I just popped back on the forums after a long time and I was looking for the shoutbox (I guess it got deleted) and got baited. Why is this aids gambling website on the userbar baiting people into clicking on this shitty gambling website? lame
  10. I think a lot of it just has to do with lucky, really.
  11. Elitepvp, epicnpc, playerauctions, Ebay, craigslist and the other section of the marketplace here are good places to post. Dont be surprised about how much you will get for that kind of stuff cause it's gonna be a lot less than you put into it.
  12. we got the same shitty kitchen knives
  13. Sick account dude! How long did you work on this?
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