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The Devil

Now that my home ip is flagged how can i stop locked accounts?

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So i after my ip flag these are the steps iv taken try and jump over this hurdle. 

1st attempt: created new accounts on flagged ip and ran tut island and 7qp script on proxy. Made it out of tut island but accounts locked after getting to romeo and juliet stage. Real shocker.

2nd attempt: Got a chrome extension to use my proxy to create the accounts. Running the accounts on the same proxy that created them the accounts completed tut island and got locked at the same stage as attempt 1.

 EDIT** Turns out 2 out of 4 accounts made it past 7 qp and can be used for farming. Loosing 1/2 accounts to locks is still not satisfactory.

So whats the next move? How can i create accounts for my farms now.


Dont even suggest doing them by hand. Thats disgusting.


Edit** Anyone else know why i dont get my verification emails unless i request to verify? 

It says that it would resend the link yet i never got the first one they "sent"

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1 hour ago, Failed4life said:

Link the accounts to an actual email address after creation, but before tutorial island and unlock them afterwards here https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/206103939-My-account-is-locked

Is that the best option? :( 

Its easier to take the lock and recover it than finding a way to avoid the locks?

If its the only way i guess it will have to do but having to do this every day for my suicides is disgusting.

As for regestering the emails, do i have to just click the registration button in runescape or must i also go to the email and click the verify link they send you. 

**EDIT: registering emails and i get this. The learning curve just keeps on rising.


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4 minutes ago, LeBron said:

Sure your proxies aren't flagged? Seems weird that they'd get locked while you're playing(botting) on them from the same IP that created them. 

Since i only run f2p farms atm i use 1 ip for all my accounts (i make 8 accounts per day) and run them until they are banned. So im sure the proxy isnt flagged since i was using my home ip.


I shouldnt have botted on my home ip because im reading everywhere about jagex detecting whether you make accounts from a datacenter or home ip has a big impact. 

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Dont even suggest doing them by hand. Thats disgusting.

Perhaps you could negotiate buying bulk tut accounts on the low.


If you aren't creating accounts on ISP IP blocks, you aren't going to have a good time!



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