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Botting to Max Stats - Inspired by Willy Bankloot

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Inspired by @pallmalled, the legend himself. Very nice. 

I will be starting with a fresh level 3 account and seeing how far I can take it. I'll be using a mixture of free scripts, premium scripts, and scripts that I have created myself.

Current short term goals:

40 attack/strength/defence/hitpoints

Full angler outfit 


Current long term goal:

70 ranged/attack/strength/defence/hitpoints, 43 prayer, 75 mage for efficient barrows runs

82 fishing for minnows

Day 1:





The journey begins... Transferred over a bond and 100k from one of my other accounts. Training at chickens to start things off. Will be doing the combat quests (i.e. waterfall) relatively soon, I just wanted to make sure I don't get one-shot on any of the quests, or killed by a mugger/highwayman etc. Using one of my own scripts for the combat. EXP rates are so low because I'm using the controlled attack style so that I don't have to keep pausing the script and manually changing the style -> not the most efficient way to train I know but it makes life easier for me




Finished off with some fletching, want to get this up as quickly as possible as I will be using fletching for my main source of income 



Day 2: 


Got 9 hunter and 9 slayer to start things off today, used this script -> 

Just doing a little fishing now, will probably aim to do ~ 1 hour on each skill in the next week or so + some questing to get some nice base levels 



Finished off with some woodcutting, quickly threw together a woodcutting script that picks up bird nests and banks them to get a little extra gp. Still a little buggy at the moment though and haven't added a GUI to choose the tree type yet. Got from 1-33 in about 1 hour 30 mins



Days 3, 4 and 5:


Have had a bit of a busy few days and the free time I have had has been spent on my main account unfortunately. Botted for around an hour a day all on woodcutting to keep things nice and simple, my script now runs perfectly and picks up bird nests without any problems. Need to implement banking after getting ~ 4 in the inventory (just powerchopping willows so no banking was previously needed. Will start to mix it up a bit more in the next few days to keep things fresh


Day 6: 


Starting things off today by getting 50 firemaking using the free script Dream GE Firemaker. I would have made a script myself for firemaking but seeing as I only needed to run it for ~ an hour I figured I would save my energy



Spent some time at Wintertodt, going to have to resist the temptation to stay here too long.


Finished things off for the day, quickly threw together a crafting script and ran it for a little bit (didn't have time to add a paint, got an exam tomorrow morning)


Account is starting to come together slowly but surely


Day 7:


Started off with a little bit more crafting, also added a paint to the script and uploaded it here on the forum to the unofficial scripts section - make sure you check it out! 

Finished off with a bit of fishing, an open source minnows script was recently posted on this forum and I am really keen to try it, although there's a long way to go before I get to 82 fishing


Days 8, 9 and 10: 


My sincerest of apologies for the lack of updates for the past few days. Combination of OSBot being down/exams

Tried a bit of autoclicking while the bot was being updated after seeing this topic: 

I did some enchanting sapphire necklaces for a little bit after splashing to level 7 mage, it all worked fine however the profit wasn't great and the exp was pretty terrible too so I decided to stop, got to around 25 mage though.


Went back to fishing after this, I really wanted to get the full angler outfit asap as I'll probably be doing a lot of fishing, however the drop rates are really low and the scripts for fishing trawler aren't exactly flawless. Nonetheless I got 2 pieces, I'll probably manually get the last 2 at some point soon.

Went back to barbarian fishing after this using my progressive fishing script. Will be uploading it to the unofficial scripts section soon, just need to fine-tune some of the webwalking. 


Days 11 and 12: 


Getting mugged off horrendously at fishing trawler - spent about 6 hours there, around 25-30 successful trips - NO MORE PIECES OF ANGLER OUTFIT! RNGesus is spitting in my face and it does not feel good.

Can't decide whether to power through and finish seeing as I've already spent so much time here or to move on to something else. 

Day 13:


After spending so much time at fishing trawler I decided to be greedy and leave a bot on for 4+ hours to guarantee getting the rest of the set as a reward. Success: 


Hopefully that decision doesn't come back to bite us. Going to spend a lot of time at fishing now that we have reached our short term goal of full angler outfit :)

Day 14: Coming soon! 

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7 minutes ago, totedem said:

instead of fletching manually get wintertodt bot...its the fucking goat it makes money and raises fm fast wc and fletch and some con lvls while making money and has a very low ban rate 

Thanks for the advice, I have Khal wintertodt and it's great it got me 99 fm on one of my other accounts, will definitely be going there sometime this week ?

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2 minutes ago, Prolax said:

Good to see you are using your own scripts.

Thanks! One of the main reasons I'm actually doing this goal is to improve my scripting ability to be honest, starting an account from scratch means that I can get experience with many different types of interactions, environments etc. 

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