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Selling Tutorial complete accounts [70-95k] [OSRS/BTC/ETH/other cryptos]

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I'm selling tutorial complete accounts.


1-50: 95k,
50-200: 80k
200-1000: 75k
1000+: 70k

Regarding prices with cryptos and their types, please contact me.


Skype: live:theblurper (I am more available through skype)
Discord: TheBlurper#2654


I use 300-400 of these accounts daily myself and haven't run into any problems.


Accounts have human-ish names and emails (no randomly generated letter sequences)
Cooled down for 7 days (then re-checked for locks/bans)
I will not help you recovering the accounts as I do not store any information about them other than the login details.

You can contact me regarding bans on any of the accounts and if they happened BEFORE the sell date, I will refund you/give you new accounts for each account that is banned BEFORE the sell date. (I cannot check WHEN has the been locked, so different terms apply to that)
If you report any LOCKED accounts to me withing 6 hours of your purchase, I will refund you/give you new accounts for each account that is locked.
I am not responsible for any locks/bans on the accounts after the dates mentioned above.

Picture of account stats:

Pictures of the account bans

Accounts have no membership on them and I am the original owner of all the accounts created.


I will go first to people I deem trusted, otherwise you go first or we use a MM at YOUR expense.

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