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woops you die

Dispute against Gearing

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Disputed member: gearing

Thread Link: cant find

Explanation: bought an account that has been recovered by its oo

Evidence: can provide if needed but gearing has agreed to pay the refund of the account, but we are not sure were we stand for the wealth that has been lost on the account, we need you guys to come up with a solution for us , the wealth on the account was 40-50m









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added evidence from skype
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@gearing has 24 hours to refund you what you paid for the account. As for the wealth, you have no proof of what was on the account, it could have been 2m or it could have been 100m, we don't know without any evidence. Seeing as the account was purchased in December, we're going to assume there was at least some wealth present on it. So Gearing will be required to refund an additional 10m to compensate.

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