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Mirror mode or injection?

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Mirror mode would be more beneficial than Injection overall.

Find out more at the store.


Some scripts require VIP that perform perhaps much more better than FTU (Free To Use) scripts. Supporting the community and benefiting is a win win.

Applying common sense to how to bot on a regular basis applies directly for banning, so use it properly and you'll do much better than doing it out of control.

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  • Delete all Runescape Cache files/ App data, Completely clean anything Runescape from your Hardware / Computer / VPN-Cache.
    (To test if it worked Runescape client will load at 0% downloading cache again, New areas will be slowly rendering as you enter them )
  • 1 bot = 1 Proxy ONLY ( Unless you don't mind if all accounts made from that Proxy get chain banned)
  • Logging into your Bot on a different COUNTRY IP can result in you getting a LOCKED account ( They think you got hacked )
  • Create all your accounts on the Runescape website through a socks5 proxy BY USING PROXY SETTINGS ON THE WEB BROWSER e.g. Maxathon Web browser Free Download
  • When making a fresh account make sure you do some human like activity for at least the first hour ( maybe do 3 quests by hand & be careful on f2p worlds)

You've clearly been flagged, Whether you use Mirror Mode or Injection it doesn't matter. If they are looking at your account they can see lmao. 
You need to become a new person in their eyes.

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