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Got a mute on a botting account

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I got muted on an account I frequently (but cautiously) bot. I only bot maybe 2-3 hours a day on it and I babysit it the entire time.. So my question is should I tone it down for a few days while my account is in review or do you guys think it doesn't have any effect on it..



Hopefully this is the right section as this is my first post.

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5 minutes ago, inababila said:

Botting doesn't lead to a mute... Like it is totally irrelevant

That was not my question, let me rephrase.. While my account is under review because of a mute. Will they be watching it more closely for suspicious behavior or does the fact that its under review for a mute not effect the chance of them catching on to me boting. I was muted for mocking the "ultrabots.net" spam at the ge. But it was most likely do to an automatic review looking for certain words triggered because of a report seeing as the "evidence" has absolutely nothing to do with it up to the last line.

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