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BETA v1.3.1


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We are glad to announce that BETA v1.3.1 has been released!


We have been hard at work optimizing, stabilizing and fixing bugs inside the bot client. We have accomplished the following things in v1.3.1:


  • Improved memory usage. Currently, our tests show that memory usage ranges from approximately 130MB to 200MB whilst running OSBot with 1 script. Obviously, this depends on the situation. In either case, this is a significant reduction from the crazy numbers we would sometimes get in the past, reaching up to 700-800MB.
  • A completely redesigned threading/concurrency system that has shown significant promise and improvements in overall stability.
  • Improved CPU usage. The bot now creates a lower CPU footprint. Of the amount of CPU time the entire application spends including one Runescape client, only around 6 - 10% is spent by the logic of the script/bot. The rest of the CPU time is the Runescape client itself. On my own machine, I run one bot and script with approximately 10-15% CPU. 
  • Freezes of the loop and the graphics rendering should be completely in the past now, thanks to the top notch fresh threading system.
  • The hooks we originally had that were not working (i.e. some of the skill hooks, in combat, facing etc) should all be fixed and working now. Laz forgot to push his git so the updates are not included. We will push them once he comes back home.
  • A fresh new GUI theme that will fix cross platform problems, i.e. make it the GUI work perfectly on Mac OSX and Linux as well.
  • Fixed any bugs that had to do with multiple bot tabs. Multiple bot tabs work a 100% now.
  • Slight changes to the API here and there, however due to the above updates we did not have time for the API.

All together, this gives us a fresh start without stability issues. Now these are out of the way and we have a very efficient bot, we will go back to our API and randoms to make its quality match its engine it's running on. The SDN continues to be worked on, however as we are outsourcing this we can't tell an exact date for when we will have the first barebone version of it running publically.


The new API documentation has been updated: http://osbot.org/api/

The new OSBot download is found here: http://osbot.org


Make sure you update your Java to the latest version: http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp

If you experience FPS issues, make sure you run 64bit java if you have a 64bit machine!


If you're one of the people experiencing FPS issues, post your machine specs (cpu, 32/64 bit, java version + 32/64bit, os etc etc) and you can still use 1.2.2.



Refresh your page (CTRL + R) in case it's still showing 1.2.2.




Thanks for reading,


The OSBot team

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