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[UK Citizens] - Sign This Petition


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Create a Freedom of Speech Act and Bring an End to "Hate Speech" laws


If you agree and are eligible to sign the petition, I urge that you please do.


Nearly 20K signatures!


Context for foreigners: if you say something mean/racist/muhsoggykneeist/someotherist on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media site, you can be arrested and sent to jail for it here in the UK. It's fucking ludicrous. Granted, being an asshat on social media isn't a prize as you can be rightly fired from your job. However, if what you've posted isn't a clear, unambiguous intent to cause harm, then the government shouldn't be able to fuck your shit up fam.

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12 minutes ago, Dbuffed said:

Maybe and maybe not who knows.

I know from personal experience at least where I live, there is a lot of "hate speech" of all sorts. I have Indian/Pakistani and other types of that origin etc calling me a white cunt all the time and so on, threatening to rape and kill our families, all that stuff. 

Not just them obviously, we have white people calling black people the N word and so on too.

Yikes. Do they just randomly say those stuff? With no reason at all?

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