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[PC] Gmaul pure with Pool in house


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2 minutes ago, Severide said:

You’re not allowed to sell accounts so please stop posting link. 


Also id say around 80milish maybe


Just now, nvrsince said:

nobody is going to buy an account from someone who signed up 32 mins ago...

im just curious for how much i could sell it, when am i allowed to sell accounts, because i cant find it in the section :)

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imo id say 50-90m depends on the buyer. If u had more feedback id lean towards the higher price. As people said you can't sell accounts yet, ya need 100 post count. Don't spam the forums for pc it will be removed (i think). Try and start off buying and selling gold on here first to get a little bit of feedback and reputation cuz its going to be harder to sell that account without it.

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