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Bought a proxy, dont know how to bot an alt


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Hi im all new to this and I recently bought a proxy and i made an alt acc a couple weeks ago, and im wondering, should i level this acc up to avoid bans? because i thought jagex heavily monitors new players, plus im not sure if im being watched because the acc is slightly old and i dont want to risk a bond on a acc that tans dragonhides to be banned in like 2 secs

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Buying a bond and botting members will be more profitable as long as you don't get banned. However, because you are new to botting the chances of you getting banned are going to be pretty high. I would say if you don't mind going through a few proxies, then you should start botting in f2p to get a feel of things. Once you are more comfortable with botting, then go to p2p.

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