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Delayed Ban??


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     Hello osbot forums, i made this account to ask a question that has kinda been concerning me as my osrs account gets older. So ive just started playing runescape about 5 months ago, when i first started playing i used garys hood auto clicker at monks and trained defence to about 40ish, then auto clicked some mining and like an hour teleporting. all in all i probably autoclicked for about 5 hours for a couple days. At the time i actually had no idea that what i was doing was bannable and when i realized it was i stopped, because i realized i valued the progress i was making on the account when i wasnt auto clicking, after i stopped auto clicking i figured i was safe to just continue playing and not do it again, so i ended up getting 99 mining (legitimately) and after that accomplishment i started getting scared that jagex might look back at my accounts early actions and perma bann me.  So basically what im wanting to know from people experienced with botting is how likely is it that my account is safe to continue playing on or will i eventually get banned once jagex looks back at my account.  

also i probably just being super paranoid but after watching some old "Bott busting" streams i sometimes fear im on a list for that, or that jagex is watching and wait for my account to have alot of invested time and then strike to really hurt. lol


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3 minutes ago, Night said:

Personally I've never been banned for buying gold, but that's not a guarantee

Sweet, my main concern is if delayed banns are common, and if i were to get banned would it defiantly be perm or are 2 days banns still a thing, ive honestly started working on a new account because im worried ill lose my main any day now. I really wish i didnt autoclick :(

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9 hours ago, dazeldo said:

You will not be banned for using an auto clicker 5 months ago, they would not delay a ban that long. The buying gold part I'm not sure however, I think you're fine unless you are buying a shit ton of gold.

Thanks for the reply, i feel better now.  GL to you aswell.

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I’m sure you’ll be safe, I have always purchased gold from websites and I always try keep it under .a certain value because I feel if you’re not out there buying 1B+ you’ll not really look a suspect anything under 100mil could be a mule xfer and a lot of people use them these days due to hacks etc so I’m sure you’ll be good man. 

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