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Buying custom Zulrah accounts.


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Hello! As many of you already know, I am farming zulrah while I share my experience and progress with you guys here on osbot, link to thread is in bio.

Right now I am looking to expand my farm and I can't do it on my own. 

I know there people in this community without reputation/feedback or enough posts to even create listings on this market that potentially could help me out. That's why I am here to advice you to make accounts for me. 

Longtime/trusted members of this community are of course welcome to level accounts for me too even though this is more aimed towards a different audience.

Terms and conditions/how it works:

  1. I will create the accounts under my own domain and validate the email and log all ISP and IP information.
  2. I will give you account logins.
  3. You will level the accounts and get paid after completion.
  4. All payouts are in 07gp.
  5. If the account is finished as agreed and I currently can't pay I have the right to wait with collecting the account and delay payment until stock is great enough.
  6. I will only send you login details if I am in demand of accounts.
  7. If account is not finished within 1 month I have the right to lower the price.
  8. You will always use your own 07gp to powerlevel the accounts.
  9. In case of a 48h ban I have the right to lower the price significantly (10-20m)
  10. You are allowed to bot the accounts at your own risk, I will not pay for your work if the accounts is perm banned.


Prices according to build:
Build 1: 60/60/60   + 85 magic + Regicide + Rock-cake NMZ ready = 60m - NO NEED ATM
Build 2: 70/70/70   + 85 magic + Regicide + Rock-cake NMZ ready = 70m - NO NEED ATM
Build 3: 75 HP and 80+ DEF + 85 magic + Regicide  = 85m (You decide how you want to level and quest the account)

NMZ quests = Fight arena, Lost city, Mountain Daugther OR The grand tree, Vampire slayer, Tree gnome village
Rock-cake quests = Cook's assitant, Fishing contest, - NO NEED ATM

Yes, no ranged levels. 60 prayer.

Add my only skype: pin.pb
Or send me a message here :)

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Yep, Spectre left us with a bang with 2-300 FB. 

If you want to make me accounts feel free to contact my bud @Fratem, I’m sure he’ll make you some accounts under his domain for a small fee, I assume.

I can also deposit 600m to an MM such as fratem if you’d like. 

Would be very happy if you can do 10 at once. Insane btw.

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