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Botting a Skill to 99 on my hc - Thoughts?


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Yooo so i have a hcim skiller and i want a sexy skillcape. I will be botting smart (2-4 hours daily), and doing manual work aswell on the side to aid against bans. The question is what skill should I bot for my skill cape that has the least ban rate? i will be purchasing a script so let me know if you got any tips with that aswell :).

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4 hours ago, Sanders said:

Thieving should be quite easy and profitable to do if you bother to get the Rogues outfit. Firemaking would be optimal as well but as it stands, you would have to be very careful with botting wintertodt and it would still be quite risky.

yeah i got a CzarsThieving script so i might do that for a bit, wintertodt looks a bit to risky.


Im thinking about maybe fishing tbh. Whats the best fishing script out there?

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