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Ram leak still a thing?

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I thought it was fixed months ago but i could be wrong or is it a script thing? 


2 clients are running the same script @5.5%

2 clients are running the same script @7.7%


But the lower CPU usage scripts are using more ram and they are all different, they start out around 200mb ea



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Just wondering, im a noob dont know shit, but I have my PC, JRE java 8 or w/e, ram leaks yeah fine whatever but it goes 1.5GB max, if left open for days.


However on another PC, same specs same everything JRE java 8 it will use a fuckload more ran and go up to 2GB sometimes and alot quicker too.

Why dafuq is this, doesnt bother me on the second one as I have plenty of ram but im curious.


I lied different OS systems im just an idiot, but still this difference how comes? image.thumb.png.fbd2d9011431609d065611a1592923e9.png

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