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Scammed by Muffins - unpaid dues

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Disputed member: [member=] https://osbot.org/forum/profile/13549-muffins/

Explanation: I bought an account back from him october 16/2017. It was then recovered November 6. He claimed to be OO after it was recovered and said I wouldn't have anymore issues. He did say I could be refunded instead, but based on him saying he was OO and I shouldn't have anymore issues, i decided to keep it. December 18th the account was recovered again. After having over 100m on it, getting 92-99 str. and NUMEROUS other skills up. This was money and a lot of wasted time GONE. We agreed on a refund amount of 450m. I have only received nearly 350m, and now he won't respond to me on skype. Last thing he said was he wants to wait until GP prices drop; really? that could take months. OR never. I'm really just tired of waiting around without any clarity.. I don't find this fair =/


Evidence: [hidden]

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Thank you for the quick response and action taken. I didn't want to report him, and don't have anything against the guy... this just seemed like the only way to get a response from him without waiting forever...

But... he is now asking for proof of gold on the account, so i sent him it.  I value the account to have 130m and then valued the skills. We agreed to 450m. The account did infact have 200m though, I just valued it less to be nice.

I have proof of over 100m of purchased gp ( I only sent him a 100m proof  from bitcoin - the rest is paypal.) and proof of the dwar hammer drop.)

Given this- am i able to ask for 20m for time lost and the waiting period ( making it 97m he owes me + 20m)

Thank you






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