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Starter F2P Pure - High Wc - VERY CHEAP!

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Selling this starter f2p pure / 80 wc account (25k off 80). Account hasn't been touched in months.

SKYPE: konchamp@outlook.com

A/W: 10M or $10 from trusted


Stats: 06228bb75442f593af8c28a5540b2c75.png

Wealth: d1bcbb2247899f0e3bbfbdbaf7c7921e.png

No quests completed.


Login: 911ff43aca33f0fe08f57c97f2b0a2e2.png

Offense history: https://gyazo.com/162306b98fd9863f3a281d2fbdca697e (Perfectly clean)


I am OO and the email login is a fake one. Email will be xferred to you.

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