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Account age/time played and botting

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I know this is a given for fresh accounts that suicide bots but I wanted to see if anyone has experience botting on VERY old accounts with a ton of time played on them.

i have my main account from RS Classic so its well over 13 years old, has probably 500 days of playtime on it. I botted it to almost maxed stats before EoC and just started botting again. I have a hunch that I can likely get away with a lot more bottling since it's such an old account and has high total hours played. 

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In my case freshly made acc suicide botted multiple times banned literally after 24 hours , somehow like mid 70-80 cmb suicide bot same scenario because i forgot to make breaks in client and no ban after 20h , tried again another day was curious and again no ban after 24h.


So yes age of account definitelly helps against bans .

Forgot to mention that 70-80cmb acc alredy had 2day ban on it like week before and still no ban to this day .

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Genuinely think account age plays a huge factor. Ive botted fresh accounts and been banned in hours. I just sat on an account for about a year, botted around 30-80 range and 30-70 str in 3 days..botted every stat except wc/fm and a bit of fishing.. quested a little bit and was only hit with a 2 day. Provided it was after an odd ban occurrence and im quite sure it was only after a jmod intervened. Most likely to see if i botted again.

Of course i could be wrong however considering the age of the account it would seem like it plays a factor.

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In all honesty i used to think account age played a part of it. but i have accounts ive botted completely without any issues think its just how hard people push the bot the second they create an account. 

also need to establish a timeframe the account plays on and stick to it. change what you bot, don't run for stupid amounts of time etc etc. its about botting safely not about if accounts been around or not


I mean everything will be speculation since none of us know exactly how their system works. but only time ive ever had issue with bans was a chainban for macroing due to me having 3 accounts on same ip  at same time doing very click intensive skills. 

keep 1 acc:ip ratio at a time. when u rest that account then feel free to pull up another account. 

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