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Health and well being comes from your kitchen.

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12 minutes ago, Rxd said:






Looking for something to fill the gap?

Pick up a cookbook and go full hippie. Grow your own food wherever you can. Have fun! Drop the doritos and mountain dew you fuck


pretty sure sex answers all these questions as well

2 minutes ago, irmagical189 said:

Soda is so dam gross after you don't have it for a couple years lol. Can't stand it, it's just liquid fat. <15% body fat ftw (gotta eat ice cream once in awhile ya know).

hate when u can feel how thick the syrup in the soda is 

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5 hours ago, Dbuffed said:

I was veggie for a long time, nice idea man. I have been wanting to look into some vegan recipes for like 2-3 meals a week.

Perhaps check out frommybowl.com. It’s run by this chic that’s a vegan food blogger. She also has a YouTube, but her recipes range from simple snacks to full course meals. I’m sure you’ll find something ?

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