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need price check for: main, starter main, and random acc

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41 minutes ago, Shmeekz said:

account 3 is not 30m if its botted lol, if u wanna sell it to me for 15m on that 3rd account PM me

I used an AFK bot (essentially just moved the mouse randomly) when I was splashing, since I splashed like 1-33)


Regardless, I would never sell it to yo for 15M, anyway.

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32 minutes ago, Jammer said:

Remember the 100 post count requirment as well.

Yeah. I wasn't planning to sell any of these, but I Just wanted to know what they were worth. So far, it seems as though neither of them are worth selling, as I expected the prices to be higher.


Thanks a lot for reminding me, though.

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2 hours ago, Seth758 said:

Who cares if its botted if it has not black-marks there is no difference. 

Thanks a lot for that post.


Since I already have two fairly decent accounts that I did by hand, I was actually thinking of getting a premium sand script bot or something and get 70 stats. Then, NMZ to 99 and maybe rent it as a staker or something.



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