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Recovered account

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Disputed member:  @Flax

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Explanation:  Flax sold me the account in june 2017 for €200,- Last night it has been recovered by a previous or original owner. The password and email adress has been changed.
The information Flax gave me through Skype, doesnt help enough to recover the account. I ask'd Flax about this and he told me he only had an login/password, but he gave me other information aswell through skype (i have the screenshot if needed). 

I pm'd @Fruity as he has been an previous owner, he is trying to help me out. Fruity told me that the OO is Zeker (a banned user for rage scamm quiting). Zeker quite/scammed in april 2017 and Flax should have told me about this before buying the account. 

I lost the €200,- and probably my whole bank. i would like to get a refund or recovered account back with a part of the items/cah refunded if it's gone. The account has an bankpin/authenticator on it, but the authenticator is probably already removed. I can show an up to date picture of the bank value, stats etc.

Evidence: https://imgur.com/x3OBsc5


I can provide more information/evidence if needed. But i think fruity and Flax both can confirm i'm not lieing.

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I've notified both @Fruity and @Flax of this dispute.

@Flax care to explain why you tricked people with your account thread? "Bought the account off @Fruity a year ago" makes it sound like fruity is the OO when he is not and you fully knew it. 

Edit: @lojduk can you please provide us with an up to date picture of the bank value/stats. 

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5 minutes ago, Flax said:

When zerker got banned I asked fruity via skype and he told me the account was safe/secure. so i just went and put the account up for sale.. didn't think much off it. I'd like to have my 250M 07 back from Fruity then though if OP gets a refund. 

Asking for a refund from fruity is for another dispute. After we've settled this one, you'll open a dispute against him and we'll see what conclusion we come to. As for this dispute, you're the one liable for the refund since you lied about who the OO is. 

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I can confirm i sold the account to Flax after making this post:

As mentioned on the thread, the account was purchased from @Zerker originally and i believe this was known to the buyer.

Will try to get in contact with @Zerker and see where we go from there. As he has been banned for a while i don't believe we will have much luck, though.



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12 minutes ago, Decode said:

@Flax has refunded @lojduk the 200 euros, but will discuss bank refund after i've had a discussion with the staff team. 

Edit: @Flax did fruity provide you with any details regarding the account? (Creation date, Creation IPS, previous passwords)

no you can find creation date ingame, i gave him my own previous pass's which I used in the past for the acc

but no fruity didnt provide anything

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