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OPEN SOURCE | DIron - Powermines iron in Al Kharid

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First open-source script to contribute to the community. Wrote this in about ten minutes cause I'm too lazy to train mining myself, thus, this may not be the cleanest code you'll ever see. Anyways, all it does it mines iron in the Al Kharid desert mine and drops it when your inventory is full. This can be useful as an open source script to new scripters, or for those who are trying to switch from onLoop() scripts to task-based scripts.

How to use

  1. Start at the spot as shown in the screenshot below
  2. Have a pickaxe equipped or in your inventory
  3. Turn your "Game" filter to off so it shows every message.


  1. A pickaxe you can use in your inventory or equipped (always use the highest level pickaxe you can)
  2. 15+ mining
  3. 29+ combat level




How to Install

  1. Download the script from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yi2ljbojrty0zkb/diron.jar?dl=0
  2. Put the JAR file in your OSBot scripts folder (Usually C:/Users/YOUR_USER/OSBot/Scripts




If anyone has any questions about the source or script in general, I'd love to help. Just drop a post below and I'll reply when I can.


Just as a side note, while I do use static IDs in the script, it is highly recommend that you don't do so. I'm only using them because I was in a rush and it was the easiest way to differentiate between a rock with ore in it, and a rock without ore in it.

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