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Automatically update OSBot client?

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Imagine this scenario:

Current OSBot file: OSBot 2.4.153.jar

All fine and dandy and then a OSBot update hits. New file name OSBot 2.4.154.jar

Automatic updates hit - they download the latest file.

Now your launcher probably has a setting which tells it which OSBot file to use, how will you know which one to use? :boge:

If auto updates won't change the file name to a previous one, no bueno for you.

I seriously doubt this that the devs would implement something like this. Best bet would be to do it yourself:

Check OSBot version - update needed - download latest file - rename

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4 hours ago, El_Maestro said:

I assume the launcher checks the current client version on start from an online file. IF the online file version number doesn't match the current client then it downloads the new client and launches it, else it just launches the client. You can emulate this yourself with a simple script. You will have to look into the launcher code and find the link which the launcher uses to check version.  

And how do I do that? I assume I can't just decompile the .jar file and look into the source :doge: 

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