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Looking to buy Graphics

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Icon: 180 x 180

Paint: w/e size chatbox is, not including the buttons below.

Animated Banner: 728 x 90 -> have a reel of messages looping over with an animated BG preferable

Thread: Section Headers, animated BG same as Animated Banner, static text for each (around 9 different text banners same bg)

Dynamic Signature, similar to paint but with less fields, Username, Profit, Kills

(Maybe) Animated Dynamic Signature, similar to Animated banner but with the 3 fields, animated background. Would like to play around with dynamic animated banners rather than static.


Let us know prices or recommendations (tag them in the thread maybe).


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41 minutes ago, Deceiver said:

sounds good, im off for a haircut in about 30 then to work to change my schedule so ill be free in a hour or two but no rusherino

No worries, drop us a message when you're back, pop down any questions you have for answers you need and ill try give everything i can

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