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I'm not a scammer!

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I cant believe it, i woke up now and opened OSBot page and found that my profile was giving Trade With Caution rank!

i havent sold the Max account yet, and if i'm going to sell it for 980M that dont mean a shit that i'm scammer.

i have been member since 2013 and always clean, i sold millions of 07gold to OSBot members and websites.

i sold accounts too such as pure and 85 mining accounts

i never got any account back and never will, they are mine and trained by me.

I'm not going to trade anything anymore in OSBot.

I have no problem giving the account info to Alek or Mald.. and then they do all the test on it before i give it to anyone

I'm clean member and always will be.

Thank's for Mod Night for deleting my post for selling my account and giving me this rank on my profile, now no one will ever buy gold from me

u ruined my OSBot profile.


If anyone gonna meme this topic or try to be funny, fuck OFF!.

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