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'unauthorised transaction' by switzzz

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16 minutes ago, gearing said:

user contacted me, he swears he doesnt know how but it initiated a self- response ( maybe his bank ) he is doing the beswt he can, he even gave back the gold i had sold him until this matter is settled



14 minutes ago, Switzzz said:

Returned the 50m, Gearing and I will trade it back once the transaction is approved. 

Thanks guys, @Switzzz I'll have you remain in TWC till everything is sorted, if you'll both post here when that's done then we can wrap this up.

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10 hours ago, Night said:

Sounds good, @Switzzz let me know when you're received the GP back please.

telling him im muling off the money then going to trade in 5mins, im spamming him for minutes, he doesnt reply, hours later he tells me sorry; he had some friends go over to have a drink, fuck you switzzz you are a timesink, i am refunding you right now


tl;dr: im refunding him

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