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Refresh Scripts without restarting client

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How do you deploy a code change while the client is running and have the refresh button correctly poll the newly created jar file? My current development setup was created using this tutorial: 


I know that the populated script list does not contain my latest code changes because I change the script name under the script's manifest upon recompiling. (DEBUG0, DEBUG1, DEBUG2... etc.) 

I've tried...

  • setting my artifact deployment folder to a seperate folder and manually moving the jar files into the scripts folder. (Refresh doesn't poll the newest version)
  • attempting to delete the old jar files in in scripts folder. (Unable to do so, the files are in use by the client)

I have been able to use hook into osbot's process using intellJ and attempting a hotswap and have this SOMETIMES work. I am not sure what I am doing different when the aforementioned process failes or succeeds. 

My IDE is IntellJ. Thank you for your assistance. 


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On 12/24/2017 at 4:39 PM, PayPalMeRSGP said:

@Chris Got it, thanks. There is a difference between hitting build vs rebuild. That was maybe why sometimes a hotswap worked, I selected rebuild. 

Build solution will perform an incremental build (Only build changes you make)

Rebuild solution will clean and then build the solution from scratch, ignoring anything it's done before.

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On 12/30/2017 at 8:32 PM, liverare said:

>code changes

>newly created jar file

OKAY stop what you're doing and set up your Eclipse properly:

If you're using intellij, then try looking for a way to set it up like you can in Eclipse.


A "Proper" setup is subjective. Using green text furthermore shows that you are toxic and are just looking to make fun of people. If you represent the scripting community then I understand why people call the OSBot community toxic and unhelpful.

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