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Selling Awesome Main w/ Full Void/BGloves/Ancients&Lunar/209 QP/99Cook/85Mining


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Hello everyone, I don't play RuneScape anymore because I don't have time for it. Ever since my house got burned down, I have to work multiple jobs 24/7 to get the things back that I lost. I lost everything.. This will be one step into helping me.. And if anyone knows about the conflict I had at another website. The staff banned me for saying I "lied about my house burning down." When I have loads of evidence even until this day that my house is still in the process of getting rebuilt. And I also got scammed by another User for a lot.. But I won't talk about that nor speak any names. 

But here is my main if anyone actually wants to buy it and actually treat with care. I spent a long time on this account. Had one 2 day ban due to accidentally not using proxy for my other account and it got chain banned. But everything was done legit on this account. I'll be speaking to the buyer every now and then to keep an update on the account and the plans for it.





Has some value and stuff on it. Atleast 10m+ in stuff. Archer rings, some gear, pots, herbs, etc. CBA to get bond to sell it all.















Looking for offers really. I appreciate it everyone. And it's been a long time. Missed you OsBot!


ADD ME ON DISCORD: Igetwashed#0947

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2 minutes ago, isamday6 said:

I know how it feels, my house burned down 12/21/12...the day the "world was supposed to end". Hope everything goes good, I know how it feels and what you have to go through. GL MAN! SICK ACCOUNT!

Thank you. What really hurts is that, people accused me of lying.. But when I show them the pictures of my house now. They shut up.

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