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31 minutes ago, Kurisu said:

try this

	RS2Widget barSelection = getWidgets().getWidgetContainingText("Bronze"); // Blurite, ...
        if (barSelection != null && barSelection.isVisible()){
            if (barSelection.interact("Smelt X")){
                //your conditional sleep

Yah, I've been doing that. Even tried out your code. It doesn't work for choosing any of the options because the widget containing "Bronze" doesn't have the options in it if you look at the debugger. Neither does the widget below it which is larger. :(

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I'm actually an idiot... Thank you so much for the help. I'm just coming back to scripting in osrs and for some reason, I forgot that the interaction event required includes the word of the bar type so "Make X Bronze" instead of "Make X" for the specific Widget. I think I'll do just what you said with the Enum too. Hopefully, I can give back to the community somehow and thanks again!

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