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Jueix's Bot goals, Might do a series


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Jueixs Bot Goal and Progress
Doing by bot and legit play now and then

I've been botting runescape for a while now and haven't really done any threads like this before, I'm planning on doing a weekly youtube video kind of like Polosaurus and Willy bankloot but not sure yet. The goal at the moment is to try and get as high levels as I can with out getting banned, I will be doing progress logs but might not show my skills only the bot as a photo and a goal I achieved for that day to stay safer. I've currently botted for two days and this is my progress. 


Scripts used
Woody's Firemaker
Khal's Woodcutter
PitoAIOFighter - Upgrading to Czar's fighter soon

Day 1

Done restless ghost and waterfall quest by hand.
Cut 400 Achey logs by hand and sold to GE for 65k 
Botted to 50+ Woodcutting
Botted to 40+ range
Botted to 40+ all meeles.
Botted to 40+ magic. 

Day 2

Cut 200 Achey logs by hand and sold to GE for 40k
Botted to 40+ cooking
Botted to 50+ range.
Botted Teleport to Camelot for 55 magic. 
Picked first 99 I would like to achieve Firemaking. 
Botted to 50+ firemaking.
Trained Hunter to 30 legit. 

Day 1 and 2 pictures




I am botting for around 2 - 3 hours then taking a break for around 1 hour, doing some quests or legit training then botting for an other 2-3 hours then logging out for day, On the first day I fucked this and botted for 6 hours with a 1 hour break and 2 hours legit. I am planning on doing a youtube series as well but I am currently unsure wether to do one or not due to probably fucking up my editing and getting caught, Think it might be best to do it in a forum post instead but here's a link to my youtube channel if I do, I will be updating forum post each day but uploading progress each week. 


Please let me know if you want to see a series like Willy Bankloot


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