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when i was a young lil khan of the finnic khanate, i had a pony.

pony was called A Nall. it had cool tail and short legs, it was actually a horse. my horse was amazing.

after a while i got bored to my pony and traded it for jelly mongoose and named it P. Nis

it was also cool but did not have short legs, so i decided to #slamit with a angle crinder, so it became a low rider. #hellaflush #stancenation #lowandslow

after i grew up i bought a kilogram of cocaine which i traded for sack of kidneys. the kidneys did not last very long as i teem to eat them. 

after i had eaten all the kidneys i bought a vacuum cleaner which gave me the best vacuum experience ever. then it broke. i was sad.


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