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1 minute ago, Chris said:

pubg is for losers

go play lms on runescape u fuckin lame fagget

Just now, upotudrop said:

dmg my fucking ass 

i am dmg im like 800 hours it's realistic im not boosted i solo queue or duo with either Decode or Explv and they're lower ranks than me so u cant say they carry

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6 hours ago, upotudrop said:

Lmg you boosted fucking monkey fucker

What's LMG u retarded fuckwad do you mean LEM? :kappa: 

Also ur boosted a sfuck no one with ur iq could get there

6 hours ago, Jeune Padawan said:

Sure I guess hit me up on steam. Same name as my osbot account, same picture.

I'll show you around the good stuff.


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