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best afk way from 84 to 99 mage??

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I stun alched on the zogre in ardougne zoo, 100kxp/h+, alched rune arrows, since my bank was small and u don't really lose that much money on rune arrows, soul runes are cheap as hell aswell.
And for afking, you can just bot it i guess? I myself used ahk, zoomed in and set relative mouse coordinates to zogre position, and went to town.. the map do eventually move slightly so your gonna have to readjust sometimes, and i would suggest using some Osbot script with java, unless you know how to use pixelsearch with AHK. and yeh imo this whole ahk is bannable is bs.. been ahking forever and never got a been over it.

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12 hours ago, yeahtheboyz said:

Hey guys just tryna get an idea for the best afk ways u guys know of would've used for mage. even if its safing maging dragons somewhere and don't need to look every 20mins or so. let me know pleaseee (need hitpoints exp also)

just use nimmogel's script under the magic guild with 1hour bot 1 hour break setup

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