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[FREE] [OPEN-SOURCE] AIO Woodcutter/Firemaker


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So this is the very very first script I made for OSBot.

It's called Chop, Drop, Burn. I made it because it is unique and something like this doesn't exist on the SDN.

This script has two modes:

1. Chop & Drop

2. Chop & Burn


The first mode will powerchop any type of log, anywhere in rs, and drop it

The second mode power chops any type of log, and then lights fires out of it, anywhere in RS [it automatically detects if tinderbox is in inventory]

There are multiple failsafes such as:

1. Being attacked by NPC

2. Unreachable tile

3. Goes back to starting position

4. Moves to next tile if a flower is on the ground

5. Looks for axe and if not found, then logs out

6. Woodcutting level to low [nvm I deleted this because God Apa told me to]


Problems with the script:

I didn't encounter any as this script got me 60 wc and fm, but I wanted to make several improvements such as:

1. Scan the entire area and light fires on the path that is the most clear [i.e. Not interrupted or occupied by ground decor]

2. Start at the east most end and then light fires [I actually got an algorithm for this lol (surprisingly)]

3. Use enums!!! Enums are hella powerful lol, but when I started programming, I didn't even know what encapsulation was rofl. I thought enums were a type of fruit... But not anymore.

4. Add a progressive mode [i.e. Automatically switch to the next tree]

5. Add the ability to just light fires at ANY bank and calculate the most "clear" path.

6. Pseudo-anti-ban for those who believe it helps with bans

7. Organize code into different classes

8. Switch from the state framework to task framework


^ I was very close to doing the above but then...

Well let's just say that I never got around to it and I never will. I'm posting this for others to learn and if anyone wants to finish what I started [and take my ideas], feel free, you don't even have to credit me,

and I hope you don't lol. I quit.


Source [Don't bother giving me feedback, I quit]:



Also, I would like to thank the following people:

@Apaec: Gave me excellent feedback on what to improve. He also tore me a new one which was very helpful :)

@Chris: Criticized my crappy code and helped me with lambdas. [I still don't know how they work lol, but surprisingly I can use em]

@Auron: Criticized my crappy code and introduced me to conditional sleeps

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4 minutes ago, Noidlox said:

LOL did you not read the thread?

This isn't a release or anything - I quit scripting. 

I posted this for others to learn, and so I can delete the 'OSBot' folder from my laptop.


But thanks for the kind words :)

Oh sorry to see you go, best of luck in your future adventures!

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