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Eliot's Private Scripts | Not Currently Accepting New Clients

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I'm once again offering private scripting services. I will only be taking one customer at a time.

Why Choose Eliot?

  • Scripting on OSBot for over 4 years, I have held the highest scripter rank for more than three years.
  • Sold scripts to over 1,000 customers who have used them for well over 100 years of in game time.
  • I will never sell the same private script twice or make a script for the same thing more than once.
  • I only take one customer at a time, this allows us to work together to create the highest quality script tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Someone Else?

  • Price: my scripts are not cheap as I don't use open source code, reuse entire code modules, make the same private script twice, or do other things that make your script less "private".
  • Time: I take my time to work with you and create exactly what you need. If you want a Zulrah script by tomorrow, look elsewhere.

If I'm not interested in making your script, I'll gladly refer you to someone who is.

How Does it Work?

  1. Send me a PM of what you want the script to do.
  2. I will reply letting you know if I'm interested, ask for more details, or provide a quote.
  3. I'll add you on Skype and we can go from there.

You must provide an account for testing that has the requirements needed for your script.

I only accept 07gp as payment. Payment will usually be made in two installments, 50% when I start the script and 50% when I finish it. You must pay in full before receiving the script. Bug fixes are free for three months after you receive the script, any changes beyond bugfixes are not free. If for some reason I cannot complete the script to the original specifications I will provide a full refund.

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