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Heya xD

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How is it going people!

Amalina here, 19 years old from georgia, roommate with @Ahmad Diab 

I don't play Runescape and know nothing about it basically (aside from ahmad addiction < he's a nerd)

I decided to join to have some fun talkin with you all and complain about how bad Ahmad treats me</3

hopefully we get get along

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Just now, Visty said:

Can I take her? @Ahmad Diab

Why the fuck am i getting dragged into this LOL

shes hella annoyin just sayin, all yours brother, would do me a favor actually LOL

Just now, Amalina said:

Lol, he just told me about that whole thing haha

naa, he's sad asf, no chance of gettin with any girl, not any time soon at least :P

FU -.-

4 minutes ago, Rxdking said:



LOOL, fuck off brother, mio already mine meh

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1 minute ago, Amalina said:

what are you talkin about:/ 

are all people in here such weirdos? @Ahmad Diab

uhm, told ya, don't blame me and stop FUCKIN MENTIONING ME IN EVERYTHING, I'M IN THE NEXT ROOM GOSH


2 minutes ago, Rxdking said:

"We're just roommates"

i loled.jpg

mate, believe me she is hella messed up, you better be my backup, DON'T MAKE SHIT WORSE -.-

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