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gold swapping cc.

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im currently in the make of moving from a dicing clanchat to make a swapping cc.

i am looking for 1-3 people to help out with swaps, and advertise too. (you arent working for me, your working with me :) )  

benefits: huge profit. stress free. no risk of ban. Legal. easy,and very quick.

reply, or drop me a pm/add my discord. Dulgent#8809

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Swapped billions with jaws swap, it's pretty hard to get actual customers since people who wants to swap usually just go for the one they're already comfortable with, but if you're talking about gold selling, the market isn't as niche and u can probably still start something from there, but I doubt the profit will be any good for swapping ( I operated my own swap site, and I can say this for sure ), My swaps went up to 400-500m/day, until I realized they were the same person and I ran out of stock and they never came back to me :(.. anyways jaws swap pretty much hold the market for cc-swapping, there used to be world swap ran by Josh, not sure what happend to him, and then there's like 5 more sites that advertises in GE and scams 400k :feels:

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