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False feedback

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Why it should be removed: Never traded with me, doesn't even know who I am. Comes on my gold selling thread and says "TWC user, would not recommend". No shit sherlock, when people visit the thread the TWC is clearly evident on my profile. Told him to remove it on discord/stay off my thread because I don't have time to deal with broke kids trying to bring down a business.


What I said on discord:

While we're at it. I have $100,000+ in vouches offsite, this TWC that you guys gave me upon joining the market is stupid. here is just some of them:


Link to topic: 



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Im not a moderator on the discord and even if I was only the discord admins could see it so either Mio alek or maldesto has to go check that out to see what this guy said that he kept on deleting.

However he may have been a dick to you but there was no  trade that took place so a feedback isn't justified. At the end of the day if he wants to talk smack it'll look bad on him anyway so he's affecting himself by speaking badly to others.


 Doxing isn't allowed on OSBot no black hat activity is and we've banned people/placed them in twc instantly for doing so. 

I'm going to remove the feedback and i'll let mio or maldesto know to go and check the audit logs

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