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Dirt Devil

Best Money Maker for F2P Suicide Botting?

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HEY!!! :) Im really new to Suicide Botting. Matter of fact it is currently my second day.

What I did was:

Created 30 accounts -> Kept getting locked after getting out of tut island, later found the problem was the VPN.

So then I went off my VPN, created 5 accounts to test it out.

Now I got 7 QP and went straight to Feather buying, Put 1M GP on each account, 3 hours later, i have 400K or so feathers, leaving me with 300-400K Profit.

Now is this the best method, or are there other methods?


Is getting P2P worth it when you're suicide botting?

Which days are best for Suicide Botters?


SORRY To ask so much, im really new.

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15 minutes ago, phony said:

It's going to be hard to get people to tell you their methods, but there are many methods out there, you should try to find them out yourself, or look at the moneymaking tab under scripts to see if their is any you like. Test the gp/h

look at markets weather or not your going to be able to sell 1m of an item

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