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[CloudProxy] OSBot Ready VPS servers & Proxies | USA,EU,ASIA,BRAZIL Locations | PP,BTC,OSRSGP Accepted

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Why our Servers?

We understand the tight profit margins with botting and offer a really good prices compared to our competitors, we are also very lenient and we will provide some of the best support out their to our future customers!


1) All of our servers are freshly booted with the operating system of your choice giving you many variations and options.

2) Like I said we are very lenient if you want a CUSTOM build with a different set of ram & cpu's we can always get you situated and help with prices

3) All of our servers have 100% uptime and if their is ever any sort of fault we will compensate you 2 days for every day that your server was down

4) Our proxies will be launched soon and they are some of the greatest for botting because they are freshly booted with an ip that has never been used before PERIOD.

5) Our servers have several locations for your needs (USA,EU,ASIA,BRAZIL) and all of them have a 1GBPS UP/DL

6) We have a couple of staff members that will work around the clock to make sure your needs are fulfilled.

7) All of our vps's come with admin privileges as long as you dont break any of our t.o.s rules you should be fine.

How many bots can I run?

Beginner's plan: 1-2 Bots

Intermediate plan: 2-4 bots

Extreme plan:  6-18 bots

Custom plans: Contact us

Current locations

US East: Virginia & Ohio

US West: California, Oregon

Canada: Central CA

Europe: Ireland, Frankfurt, London

Asia: Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul

South america: Sao Paulo


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my server up?

It will take us approximately 1-2 hours on a normal day if its a busy day please allow us a little bit more time, if we take more then 12 hours we will add an additional 3 days to your server.


Will I need proxies with your VPS?

If you are running just 1 bot then you should be fine because all of our servers come with fresh never shared ips, If you are running multiple bots then it is strongly advised that you use proxies.


What operating systems do you offer with your servers?

Windows, Linux, +Many more just add us on skype to discuss.



Current specials

1) Giving away 2 free servers to trusted members post below and I will pm you with the details if you won!

2) 15% off any first 5 servers sold on this site!



Disregard the thread design I understand their is a few mistakes on the thread design it will be fixed and the prices will be lowered a bit when my graphics designer gets online!

Proxy's are currently unavailable!

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1 minute ago, kazemaru said:

vps prices are a bit much i pay about 16$ for 4 cores 4gb ram unlimited band and like 50gb ssd storage

Understood, me and my graphics designer had a bit of a misunderstanding he was using old prices that I generated give it like 5-6 hours and the new prices will be updated

It should be a little something like this 

Beginner: $6

Intermediate: $10

Extreme: $35

I also plan on adding in a few more plans/

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