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any vpn that supports open VPN will let you mask all the traffic on a computer (not just browsers, like some VPN's). But as far as botting goes, it's probably safer to use a proxy. Simply put, VPN services generally help users stay anonymous by sharing a few IPs with a LOT of users, so that it's not easy to tell who is doing what. this means it's much more likely a previously botted on IP will be assigned to you if you use a VPN. A proxy on the other hand is generally either private or much less shared. So it's far less likely to have been used by a bot/gold farmer.

also @ProxyFish seems to be a trusted re-seller of those around here.  No relation despite the apparent appreciation of fish. 

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59 minutes ago, Khaldoro said:

Yes I plan to do abyss, but I'm unsure as to whether to buy one of the mainstream rcer bots or to go private.

Go with premium first. private script in such a place like abbys rcing not going to give some kind of significant different in ban rates..it's more about how you do it, not with what you do it.

And if you plan to do 2< acc's then do it with proxys. or VPS's if you get them at really good price (i get them 2$ea that runs 1  bot, so it's way better then proxys in my case)

As for lvls. 40-45 defence / ~40 hp / 55 mining / agility and you are good to go. Thats what i used to run and it was perfect. Not with osbot tho, so can't guarantee.

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